City of Dublin ETB

CDETB (formerly City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee) has been providing education services across the City of Dublin since the 1930’s.  Our services have grown to include 22 Schools and Colleges, 10 Youthreach Centres, 7 Prisons, a CDETB Adult Education Service operating in 5 separate areas, a Youth Service – CDYSB operating citywide and a series of specially targeted programmes.
The purpose of the CDETB is to develop, to provide and to support high quality person centred learning opportunities for young people and adults in Dublin City.  The Education and Training Board Act 2013 gives a wide remit to CDETB in education at first and second level as well as adult education and training. CDETB believes that the following definition of Further Education and Training is a useful working definition.  

City of Dublin Education and Training Board operates a Continuing Professional Development Unit known as the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU). The CDU supports  the professional development needs of CDETBs employees (over 3,000 Teachers). The CDU, established in 1972, is a teacher centred research and development institute, which over the years has developed and supported a variety of local, national and international programmes and initiatives at Junior Cycle, Senior Cycle and Further Education levels which include Post Leaving Certificate, Youth, Adult and Community Programmes. Much of the more recent work of the CDU is focused on supporting teachers in programmes that address educational disadvantage and promote social justice.