The Learning Champion Recognition Event and Learn and Share’ Workshop Using the PAL Toolkit was held in Belfast on 25th May 2016

Learning Champions and their managers, in addition to internal and external stakeholders, all of whom are from across the STEM and Creative Industries as well as other subject areas, came together in this celebration event to recognise the learning champions identified through the use of the PAL Toolkit, Framework and Tracking Tool.

We also extended a warm welcome to Catherine Rock and Corrina Hickman from the UK National Agency Ecorys!

Over 30 Learning Champions were recognised and a turnout of about 70 people from Ireland and Northern Ireland were at the Belfast Met state of the art e3 campus for this whole day event.

The morning started off with morning refreshments and speeches giving an overview of the PAL project and case studies of the Learning Champions.

An interview with CDETB Senior Psychologist explored the philosophy assumptions and research evidence that can inform the practice of PAL Learning Champions.

Certificates were presented to the Learning Champions from the two countries.

Lunch was then served and everyone had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas of informal learning and dissemination of the project further afield other than their own departments and institutions.

The afternoon was an exciting offering of 5 different Peer Learning and Sharing Stations which explore the following themes :

- Employer Engagement/Career Ready

- Working with LGB and T+ students

- Supporting Students with Dyslexia

- Using Technology in the classroom

- Learning Walk

Participants were able to choose to attend any two Learning and Sharing Stations which were of interest to them.

Evaluation feedback of the event has been very positive and the impact of this Erasmus+ PAL project has clearly been very affirmative in recognising and valuing the informal learning and sharing done by VET tutors.

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