Project idea

This project builds on the E-pathways project undertaken by KTU and CDETB along with other partners from 2012-2014 (LLP/LdV/TOI/2012/IRL-504) due to complete in October 2014. The project is designed to learn about CPD for teachers from partners’ experiences and improve knowledge about different strategies, models and approaches to the CPD of teachers as a transfer of innovation to CDETB
The project is focused on personalised and professional training pathways for VET teachers through the development of innovative and ICT based CPD tools and resources mainly in the form of an e-Portfolio. The project is supporting the development of a CPD Policy for City of Dublin ETB and a Model for VET schools to guide VET organisations in implementing innovative and ICT based CPD strategies for VET teachers. While the project evaluation is not yet fully completed, the value of informal learning such as peer shared learning amongst teachers has been identified as a model worth building on, supporting and recognising / rewarding. 

Discussion points have included:
 -Informal peer learning is often ad-hoc and a model for formalising it could bring added value and status to the learning experience for the individuals involved by providing CPD that is mutually beneficial to both the sharer and the receiver and meet both sets of needs
 -Resources are stretched and budgets for CPD in many institutions are reduced; teachers are not released as freely as they have been in the past to attend in-service because of substitution/cover issues so internal peer learning events could benefit teachers, their organisations and most importantly learners.