Project Objectives

Project Objectives
1. Establish how the VET Sector is currently recognising and accrediting the formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of teachers;
2. Identify the breadth of informal VET sector professional learning opportunities that are available as cost effective and sustainable mechanisms to support and enhance formal CPD;
3. Design an organisational system of recognising, recording and rewarding informal professional learning activities and achievements (CPD credits)  aligned to the strategic objectives of an organisation and national priorities;
4. Produce  a Toolkit of strategies to support the informal sharing of learning  from professional experiences;
5. Produce a recording tool to monitor, track  and verify individual professional learning; and,
6. Recognise role models within organisations as champions of learning/learning professionals through accreditation/certification; and
7. Share the outcomes of the project with the VET and wider sectors responsible for professional learning.