Springvale Learning trailing PAL Framework

Springvale Learning are the largest social enterprise employment & learning provider, delivering training and employment programmes to young people and adults throughout Northern Ireland, specialising in vocational training and workplace learning programmes. Partnering with Belfastmet, Springvale are trialling the PAL framework as part of their new staff development initiative:  Best Practice Wednesdays.

Approximately 30 staff attended an induction event on Wed 27th January 2016 to kick start the initiative which will involve a series of informal learning and peer sharing activities using methods from the PAL toolkit. Ten core themes including online learning, behaviour management and integration of essential skills have been developed to provide focus for learning for a range of different staff from both management and teaching backgrounds. A range of vocational areas are represented at Springvale including Training for Success and Apprenticeship programmes in Hospitality, Construction, Engineering, Essential Skills, ICT, Digital Media, Childcare, Health and Social Care, Plumbing, Customer Service, Retail and Management.